Can Facial Hair Be Permanently Removed?

Can Facial Hair Be Permanently Removed?

If you are looking for the best permanent facial hair removed, you need to brace yourself and know that you can’t stop your facial hair from growing permanently. That’s a bummer but don’t be disappointed because there are plenty of temporary options that will help you get rid of peach-fuzz off your face. If you are intrigued to learn about the techniques, read more and find out.

You must have tried home remedies to get rid of the facial hair. But that remedy didn’t give you any visible or fast result? We feel you! Home remedies indeed work for most people, but you need to be patient with them. Hair growth is totally hormonal, and you can’t make an effect on your hormones in a day or a week.

But if you are tired of waiting, then there are various temporary facial hair removal techniques. These following techniques are famous and next to best permanent facial hair removal too. Here we go!

Can Facial Hair Be Permanently Removed?

Number 1: Waxing

Waxing is well known among people, and it is a well-proven fact that after waxing, you can stay worry-free for 2-3 weeks and enjoy that hairless body. Just like body wax, there is face wax available in the market. You can buy that yourself and give yourself that at-home waxing or go to a parlor.

Every salon provides waxing services. You can quickly get rid of the hair on your face and enjoy that smooth skin. But if you are thinking about getting the at-home waxing, then follow these steps.

  1. Turn on your wax heater and put the wax in it.
  2. Wait for the wax to melt and heat properly but not too much, or you will burn your face.
  3. Use an ice-cream stick to pick some wax and apply in the same direction as hair growth.
  4. Let the wax harden on your face. It will take 5-6 seconds to harden. 
  5. Rip the wax in the opposite direction, and voila! Look at that hairless skin.
  6. If you see some leftover hair, repeat the same process.
  7. You can use this technique on your face and get rid of the hair on your own.

Number 2: Shaving

You probably thought that shaving is for men. You were wrong. It is the next best thing to best permanent facial hair removal for a lot of women. It is famous because it can give instant results, plus it is quite a handy process. You don’t have to go out to get it done.

So many women get it done from dermatologists also, and the process is known as dermaplaning. But most of the women like to do it themselves, and it is not that difficult task also. You just need a separate razor for your face. Never use the razor meant for men; use the razors that are made explicitly for women. They are easy to find, and you can buy them online too.

Here is the process of shaving your face with ease.

Can Facial Hair Be Permanently Removed?

  1. Wash your face properly with a mild face-wash. Make sure that you don’t have any active acne or bruises on your face. If you do, then wait for them to heal before touching the razor on your face.
  2. After washing your face, massage your face with olive oil. Olive oil will help the razor to glide smoothly on the face and prevent any cuts.
  3. Take the razor and go with the growth of the hair on your face. Ensure you are not applying too much pressure while gliding it.
  4. After one glide, you will be able to tell the difference between the hairless and remaining skin.
  5. Repeat the process all over your face and feel that baby soft skin.

Number 3: Threading

Threading is popular among people too. It is available in every salon too, but not everyone can do it by themselves. If you want your face to feel soft and hairless for a longer period, then you can go to your favorite salon and get it done.

Number 4: Laser treatment

Laser treatment is a trendy technique that is known for its long term effects. It is also known as the best substitute for getting the best permanent facial hair removal. Professionals perform this treatment, and they do a precise job that lasts longer.

It is important that you chose the best and a professional dermatologist that will perform the best treatment. But what are the ways to search for a suitable dermatologist for the treatment? Need an answer to this question? Go on read the following list and ensure that you selected the best dermatologist for yourself.

  1. Ask for the certificate of the training.
  2. You can ask the dermatologist about the time being of their work as a dermatologist.
  3. Check with the previous patients.
  4. Ask them for the pictures of the patients
  5. Check the reviews online.
  6. Make sure you are comfortable with them
  7. Make sure they are providing a service that is worth your money.

These are ways to help you make sure that the dermatologist knows the work properly, and your face is in good hands. It is essential to check with all the necessary things because this can lead to permanent scarring on the face if not done properly.

Is laser treatment painful?

People are so keen on getting their facial hair removed using laser treatment. It is because there is no better way to get the best permanent facial hair removal than laser treatment. Laser treatment can last up to months, and in some cases, it can also last up to a year.

If you wonder that laser treatment is painful, then no, it is not painful at all. There is just a little bit of sensation on your face during the process. The doctors use a numbing cream on your face to not let you feel any pain at all. The process is fast and steady if a well-practiced dermatologist does the treatment.

The last say

There is no fool-proof way to get permanent facial hair removal. But if you want to have the baby soft skin, you can use the temporary methods and get what you want easily.