– Platinum Seamless 

A safe and innovative hair extensions method. An alternative to sew-in and glue methods.

Price Upon Consultation

The below methods include application only with the exception of the full sew-in and blended weaves. Style will be a separate (charge $60.00).

Sew-in Method Starting $500.00/ (blended weave perimeter of natural hair and front is left out for blending) $600.00 (full)

– Individual tracks (same method) $75.00 per track
Method imvolves braiding hair creating a foundation with firm braids. Applying a net to protect the natural hair. Then, adding wefted hair extensions sewing it in row by row. Synthetic hair is added to the foundation for additional support. Lasts up to three months.

Micro links Method Charge $100.00 hourly
Micro links are individual strands added to your hair using a silicone based tube. Last up to two months.

Braidless Method $75 per track
The tracking foundation is created by a stitching method using needle and thread.  Then, the wefted machine or hand-tied hair is added as usual. By creating the track with thread it eliminates the braid. Lasts up to three months.

Bonding Method $40 per track
The bonding method is a temporary technique using hair glue to add pieces of wefted hair to clients hair.  Lasts up to one month.

Front Lace Wig application  $150.00
Natural hair is braided to apply wig using adhesive around the hairline.

Braids $50.00-$100.00 (12 years old and under)

Starting price for 12 and over starts at $75.00, depending on style and length of hair.